Workplace Harassment Illegal

Being harassed in the workplace is illegal. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

Most people work for someone else and earn a paycheck. While they might not really care for their job, it does pay the bills and allows people to save a few dollars now and then. Whether or not you like your job has a great deal to do with the workplace environment. Under a lot of stress? Then you may want to rethink just what you’re doing there.

Every workplace has its own culture and sub-culture; call it cliques if you will. If you aren’t part of one of those “groups” then you may find yourself on the outs with a large segment of the people you work with; people who may conspire to make your life at work really miserable. This isn’t a soap opera, although it may sound like one, and happens daily across the nation in thousands of businesses. While it’s not very professional, people still tend to indulge in behavior like this. As a Dallas employment lawyer, I have seen many examples of this over my years of practice.

You might be able to ignore some of the drama, but the reality is that you have to work with these people. And, another reality is that humans play favorites and don’t always like others they work with, which often leads to disrespect in the office. If one person has a hate on for you and gets others to feel the same way, this is a conspiracy and usually leads to harassment.

Harassment makes the person on the receiving end of such activity feel threatened, persecuted and unsafe. It then becomes a tool to make someone stick out like a sore thumb. If the whole idea was to get rid of the person because there weren’t adequate grounds to fire them, this route often will do the job and force the employee into resigning.

If you’re currently in a situation like this and aren’t sure if there is anything you are able to do about it, make it a point to speak to a seasoned Dallas employment lawyer and get the straight goods on what your rights are.

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