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Recalled Toyota Results in Life-Altering Potential Spinal Cord Injury

The Camry was recalled, but the owner didn’t know about it. Because of the defect, the owner may have life-altering spinal cord injuries.

This was one of those accidents that never should have happened. A recalled Toyota Camry was involved in a horrendous crash that left the driver in critical condition with possible spinal cord injuries – injuries that may change his whole life.

This was single car accident and involved four occupants in the vehicle at the time. The car was being driven by Theo Anders (names have been changed to protect the victims and their families) who was just about to pull into a parking spot when his car took off at high speed. Anders tried braking, but to no avail; the brakes didn’t work. The resulting crash was extremely violent due to the speed the car was traveling.

This particular model, a 2010 Toyota Camry, was one of seven other models made by Toyota that were recalled due to defective gas pedals. Responding emergency medical services crews took the four occupants in the vehicle to the nearest medical facility for immediate treatment. The driver, Anders, was listed in critical condition and with the distinct possibility that he may have a spinal cord injury, as he had no feeling in his legs when he was pulled out of the wreck.

Defective product cases are always difficult for everyone involved. Anders was driving his car just like usual, never for a moment suspecting that there may have been a problem that would possibly turn his life upside down in the blink of an eye. He had the right to expect that the product he was driving was in good working order and would not harm him.

Anders made it a point to contact an experienced personal injury attorney, one who had a track record of handling life-altering personal injury cases. This was a wise move on his part, as cases like this need qualified legal representation in order to ensure the victim gets a fair and equitable settlement.

Seth Wilburn writes for the The Gomez Firm, a Dallas employment lawyer and Dallas business lawyer. To learn more, visit Gomezlawyers.com.