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Severe Life-Altering Injuries Pursue Young Children of Parents Working with Chemicals

Ethylene Glycol Ether may be causing severe birth defects. This may result in lifelong care being needed for the children.

“This is an interesting case that we heard about just recently, and it involves employees at a chip manufacturer working with a toxic chemical called ethylene glycol ether. This case actually represents a fairly wide cross section of employees who worked at the same plant in an area called the ‘clean room,’ where chips were processed,” explained Seth Wilburn of the The Gomez Firm in Dallas.

The employees who worked in these rooms did so for about 20 years, until the late 1990s. The chemical they were working with was used regularly in the chip making process until it was revealed that several other lawsuits indicated that the chip maker was well aware there was a likely connection between ethylene glycol either and birth defects.

One company employee had two daughters born with severe birth defects that included cerebral palsy. Another worker’s son was born with debilitating vision and speech problems as well as epilepsy. “It was really too much of a “coincidence” that the workers in this clean room were experiencing such severe birth defects, in such large numbers,” added Wilburn.

It turned out that the company that made ethylene glycol ether had put out a warning in 1981 about the possibility of birth defects and miscarriages happening when working with this chemical. A subsequent hazard alert also went out a year later indicating that tests had indeed shown the chemical caused birth defects.

Despite the other numerous warning posted, this chemical was used well into the 1990s. Many workers at the company where they held jobs said they had never seen a warning about the toxicity of the chemical they worked with every day.

The facts are that raising a child with severe birth defects into adulthood is an enormous financial burden than may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. “Those workers who did give birth to children with severe defects have a good case to sue their employer for negligence – negligence in not informing them of the risks of working with this chemical,” Wilburn commented.

Anyone in a similar situation and who has suffered life-altering personal injuries should immediately speak to a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. Those who caused harm to happen to others need to be held accountable. A seasoned attorney will be able to make that happen and work to get a settlement that will cover the expenses of raising a child with birth defects,” stated Seth Wilburn of the The Gomez Firm in Dallas.

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