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  • A Texas Mother Sues Bayshore Hospital for ER Care Resulting in Brain Injury in Daughter

A Texas Mother Sues Bayshore Hospital for ER Care Resulting in Brain Injury in Daughter

Two doctors, two registered nurses, C/HCA Inc., and Bayshore Hospital are being sued by Taneisha Woods on behalf of her daughter for their alleged part in the daughter’s brain injury.

Woods claims that they were responsible for mistakes made that deprived her daughter – who was a toddler at the time on Nov. 9, 2008 – of hours of much needed oxygen. The doctors, nurses and hospital have been charged for negligence because Woods’s daughter now suffers from a seizure disorder and hypoxic ischemic brain injury from prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain.

The was case filed on Nov. 10 in Harris County District Court, Case No. 2010-74796. It is reported that the child was left alone with the mother for hours after the medical staff had treated her inability to breathe with a breathing treatment. Three hours after the Woods’ daughter was brought to the hospital, she was finally stabilized, but only after a nurse who came to check the child’s progress found that the treatment they administered hours earlier did not work.

According to reports, the 18-month-old’s oxygen level had dropped tremendously, noting respiratory distress. Dr. Miller was called to the room but did not get involved until 30 minutes later. Dr. Muncy, an anesthesiologist, was finally able to open the child’s airway three hours after she was originally admitted. Fortunately, the child survived the medical ordeal, but not without permanent damages.

“We often trust the doctors and nurses to look after our loved ones when they are in medical distress, but medical negligence is inexcusable and displays a lack of professionalism,” said Ty Gomez from The Gomez Firm Law Firm in Dallas. “People shouldn’t have to suffer unnecessarily as a result of negligence, especially when it all could have been prevented.”

Woods will be asking for compensation for her daughter’s condition from physical disfigurement and impairment to medical expenses and other compensatory combinations as a result alleged medical negligence. Woods will also be asking for punitive damages. Her Attorneys Monica C. Vaughan and Julie Mayes Hamrick, of Houston, are requesting a jury trial.

If you think you or a family member has suffered injuries due to medical negligence, contact a qualified and experienced lawyer immediately.

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